Tuesday, March 24, 2009


2 beechnut (2 $1 Qs ) .12 ea

4 Iams dog food (5 $5 Qs) FREE

3 pringles minis (3 $1 Qs) .88ea

1 Rimmel mascara (Q from AllYou) FREE

5 packs marked down meat (about $11)

bananas 1.08

Total OOP was 15.80

I was very pleased with my 3 trips today. Usually I have issues when trying to use Qs but not one glitch today. Yeah! Thanks to everyones tips and deal ideas. ( I frequent moneysavingmom and thrfitymama often and check out everyones ideas from there) Total OOP was $37.28 and I still have a $7RR from wags, 5.99 rebate from wags and $5 GC from Target. I'm dissappointed sometimes because I live in south Texas where we are limited with grocery stores (HEB and Walmart) but I feel I did really well today. Saving money is so exciting!!!!!

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