Sunday, March 27, 2011

CVS 3/27/11

That's my kiddo in the pic. He sees a camera and can't resist jumping in from of it. :)
2 Clean & Clear body wash 2.99 ea (2)$2 MQ 2 M&M easter eggs - $2MQ (adjusted to 1.98) Physicians formula mascara 10.79 - $5MQ - $6 CVSQ ( I purchased the wrong mascara, I plan on exchanging this one for the correct one so I can get the $7ECB) Physicians formula corrector 9.39 - $5MQ 2 Hefty bags 1.00 ea - $1/2 MQ Used $5 ECB plus 2.34 OOP. Received $1ECB for green bag tag and $7ECB from Physicians Formula Cosmetics. I need to go back and exchange the mascara I purchased for the correct one to get another $7ECB. One other thing the cashier said that they received an email stating that they may not take printable coupons. She still took mine but she was just letting me know and she was impressed with the transaction.

Walgreens 3/27

I wasn't going to stop by Wags today but I was coming back from CVS and the security guard at our weekend condo was out on patrol and I didn't have my access card to get in. I called my hubby but he was still asleep and didn't answer his phone. So I headed to wags and hoped the guard would be back when I returned (he was). I was excited because I've been wanting to purchase a USB and I finally did. I did buy a lot of stuff that I didn't have coupons for but they were for items we use. I did spend all of my $17 in RR and I'm now only left with $1RR. I'm still excited about my purchase because I was able to stock up on Centrum vitamins that my hubby takes and only spent just over $7OOP.
Transaction #1 3 Listerine whitening clearance $1.75 -Wags in ad Q $2 (adjusted down to $5.25 for the 3) I received overage from the $1.50/3 MQ and the cashier scanned a $2MQ from the catalina that printed out. ($3.50 in overage and no beeps from the Q's)

4 60ct packs of Walgreens cutlery clearance $.50 ea

Off wipes clearance $1.75 - $1WQ found in monthly coupon book = .75

100pack Wags paper plates clearance 1.00

Walgreens acetaminophen 2pk clearance 2.25

9 Scotch trial pack tabs clearance .24 ea - (2) $1MQ = .16 for all

Always pads $3 - $1MQ = $2 (no RR printed, I think i made a mistake and used a P&G RR, oops)

Sensodyne clearanced 1.39-$1 WQ found in monthly booklet = .39

Colgate toothpaste and colgate toothbrush 2/$6 - $1.50MQ & $1MQ = 3.50

Scotch super glue clearance .80

14 Centrum 30 ct clearance .99 = 13.86 (stocked up for my hubby)

TOTAL OOP $6.21 received a $4RR

Transaction #2

Duracell 4GB USB clearance 7.49

2 Listerine clearance 1.75ea - $2 Walgreens in ad Q (adjusted down to 3.50) - $2MQ printed from catalina.

Paid with my $4RR from transaction 1 and $1.03 OOP.

I received a $1 RR from P&G so i assume it was for buying the USB. Now I only have $1RR instead of the $17RR I started with, but I'm happy because I purchased items that I needed (vitamins (bought just enough that they would be used before they expire) , plastic cutlery (i use these for work because often times if i send our silverware it doesn't come back home) and wanted (USB) with only about $7OOP.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Target Trip 3/26/11

I had an AWESOME cashier today. Sure he was a little slow because he double checked all the coupons that beeped but he was super nice and excited about my coupons as well. In fact he said "these are sweet coupons". LOL! I love great cashiers.

A&D ointment 3.34 - $2TQ - $1MQ= .34 x2
Up &Up baby wash 1.37 - $.50TQ= .87 x2
Circo socks 1.00 - $1TQ = FREE x2
Up&Up cleaner with bleach 1.37 - $1TQ = .37
Merona tshirt clearanced 2.00 - 20%TQ = 1.60
Hanes clearanced 3.87 - $1TQ = 2.87
Hanes 5.50 - $1TQ = 4.50
Fruit of the Loom 3pk shirts clearanced 1.74
Jerzee mens shirt 4.99 - $1 TQ = 3.99
Kids star wars shirt clearanced 1.98 x 2
Orbit gum .99 - $.75TQ = .24
Honey maid and oreo snack sack 1.50 each - $1/2 TQ = 2.00
Pillsbury toaster streudel 1.89 -$.35MQ, Nature Valley granola bars 4pk 1.00 - $.50 MQ, GM Cinnamon Burst Cherios 2.50 - $.75MQ - $1.50/3 TQ = 2.29 for all 3 (I think)
Energizer Led Night Lights clearanced 1.74 and 2.48
Olay regenerist Facial Cleanser 6.04 - $3MQ - $2TQ = 1.04 x2
Listerine travel size 1.47 x 2 - $2/2 MQ = .47 ea (going on a trip this summer)
Up&Up mouthwash 1.39, toothbrushes x2 1.29, and floss .89 - (4)$1TQ = free floss, .29 x2, .39
Rimmel mascara 2.24 -$2MQ = .24
Sally Hansen Nail Clipper 2.99 -$1MQ - $1TQ = .99
Up&Up cotton rounds .99 -$.50TQ = .49
Up&Up ibuprofen .99 ea - (2) $1TQ = Free
Nature made vitamins 5.89, 5.00 x 4, 5.13 - (2) $5TQ- $16 MQ (6 separae Q's from ALLYOU) = about $5 for all 6 bottles
Pedigre 4lb dog food (not pictured, still in the trunk of my car) 4.00 x 4 - (4)$3MQ = 4.00
Trident gum 1.29 x 2 - $1.29MQ - $1/2 TQ = .29
Up&Up Liners .87 - $.75TQ = .12 x 2

I paid 46.82 which i was very pleased with. On my receipt it states I saved $114.86. (I would definitely never pay that) :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


2 beechnut (2 $1 Qs ) .12 ea

4 Iams dog food (5 $5 Qs) FREE

3 pringles minis (3 $1 Qs) .88ea

1 Rimmel mascara (Q from AllYou) FREE

5 packs marked down meat (about $11)

bananas 1.08

Total OOP was 15.80

I was very pleased with my 3 trips today. Usually I have issues when trying to use Qs but not one glitch today. Yeah! Thanks to everyones tips and deal ideas. ( I frequent moneysavingmom and thrfitymama often and check out everyones ideas from there) Total OOP was $37.28 and I still have a $7RR from wags, 5.99 rebate from wags and $5 GC from Target. I'm dissappointed sometimes because I live in south Texas where we are limited with grocery stores (HEB and Walmart) but I feel I did really well today. Saving money is so exciting!!!!!


I went to Target to buy some soda and finally found the Gillette body washes for $2.

5 Gillette $2 ea 5 Qs $2/1

3 12 pks soda 3/$12 (3 $1 on 12 pk from mycokerewards)

1 powerade 8 pk 3.99 (Free for buying 3 coke products)

1 Schick quattro 6.99 ($4Q)

1 Schick Intuition 6.99 ($4Q)

2 clearanced t-shirts for my son 1.25 and 1.74

Total 19.02

used $5 GC from quaker deal last week

OOP 15.02 and I received a $5 GC for razor purchase.

Walgreens Trip

I haven't been couponing much lately. I got out of school early today and was able to get some shopping done today. I think I did really well at Wags today and decided to share my trip with everyone.

Axe 5.99 (free after rebate)

4 hunts sauce .39 ea (will go back later to get the rest to qualify for rebate)

2 planters trail mix 1 ea after Q from ESC

2 campbells tomato soup 1.39 (wags Q and printable Q $1/2)

3 stride gum (wags Q and manf. $2/3)

1 Glucerna shake 5.99

3 Glucerna cereals 4.99ea (used 2 printable q's for $10/2)

1 clearanced toy for 1.12 for my sons easter basket

paid using $10 RR from last week when i bought straightener.

total OOP was 2.46 and a $7 RR printed for glucerna products

Dave Ramsey Live Event San Antonio 2009

My sister and I volunteered at Dave's Live Event in January. My sis just sent me this photo (3 months later) and I'm such a Dave groupie that I had to post it.